NEW! We have launched a management service related to the organisation of archaeological fieldwork and seminars 

We offer two packages that aim to help with coordinating, efficiently managing and successfully running educational seminars and fieldwork seasons:

PACKAGE 1: ADMIN PLANNING                                          PACKAGE 2: COURSEWORK PLANNING
- Secure students for fieldwork                                             - Collation of coursework material
- Accommodation bookings                                                   - Printing coursework material
- Meal plans                                                                              - Creation of online coursework modules
- Catering organisation
- Transport organisation
- Equipment organisation

Let us remove these administrative burdens so that you can focus on more important tasks. 
Please give us a 4-5 month notice period prior to your event/field season to allow for block bookings to be made. 


Our services include the completion and submission of heritage related applications to heritage authorities
  • Submission of permit applications to the heritage authorities (SAHRA, HWC, Amafa, ECPHRA, PHRA-G, LIHRA, MHRA, NBKB, HFS, NWPHRA, COCT). This is either done on SAHRIS for heritage authorities accepting submissions through the SAHRIS system or in other formats required by heritage authorities which are not using SAHRIS (such as Heritage Western Cape's paper-based forms).
  • Liaising with landowners to obtain signed consent for permit applications where applicable
  • Liaising with museums to provide consent as the approved repository for excavated material where applicable
  • Screening permit applications to ensure the motivations and supporting documents provided will meet the requirements of the heritage authorities
  • Creation of sites on SAHRIS, upload of photographs and site/object recordings which meet the requirements of the heritage authorities
  • Liaising with the relevant authority about the time frames expected for your application.


Nominations for the formal protection of Heritage Resources – Provincial and National Heritage Sites

Altogether, CTS Heritage staff have been involved in the declaration of 12 Provincial Heritage Sites and one National Heritage Site in South Africa. With our experiences through ICOMOS and ICAHM, we can also assist in the nomination, protection and on-going management of World Heritage Sites within South Africa and across the globe.

We are happy to lend our expertise to the declaration process to assist you in the declaration and formal protection of your significant heritage site.